About me…

My full name is Mary Roberta Gibson McCoy (“Robbi” to family and “Mary” to friends).  For a time, I felt that I didn’t belong in the blogosphere.  During this past year, however, I have come to believe that there is a value to adding a new voice to the public discussion – a voice that I hope will bring some Light, some thoughts – and, yes – some balance and harmony to the general conversation … dare I even say, some peace.

I have a unique perspective on some of today’s issues, both from my personal life and my family history, in these days of suspicion of  The Immigrant – especially the Syrian immigrant.  I am the grandchild of Syrian immigrants – refugees from earlier conflicts.  Though my people were Christian, not Muslim, they faced the same suspicion, fear and hatred that we see today: “We don’t want your kind here!”  “We don’t like you people.”  My grandparents persisted against the hatred and become naturalized US citizens and took on the role of informed voters as a sacred trust.  Among their grandchildren, nieces and nephews, are attorneys, medical practitioners, and countless employee-hiring job creators.

As I was growing up, the sense of the importance of education was paramount and was fostered alongside traditional Middle Eastern concepts of family and the familiar roles of men and women.  Consequently, although I was often chided by my law school peers as being hopelessly old-fashioned or even a “bad influence” for women’s liberation issues, I developed a somewhat “split sense” of self.  I strove to be logical and forceful of intellect while being feminine and supportive in personal relationships.

Such personal history of dichotomy eventually gave me an understanding of balance and the importance of seeing both sides of an issue – probably even presenting a stronger sense of looking at all sides of an issue than my legal training – because I lived on both sides.

It is that experience of “living on both sides” that has brought me to become a blogger.  Not to impart great words of wisdom (although I do hope to have found some degree of wisdom along the way) and not to cause anyone to change their minds to agree with me (although I do hope to cause some expansion of the ability to tolerate different ideas).  It is because I would hope to introduce the concept of holding opposing ideas at the same time and the ability to look dispassionately and openly at those differences.  To really understand the difference and the similarity between chocolate and vanilla, between green and purple, between “in” and “out” — and to see those opposites in all their terrible and beautiful aspects and know them to be the same.

If we can all hold the world and each other in balance in this way, we will create a New World…and, in the end, that’s what the journey is all about.

Come join me on on this journey.


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