Finding Wisdom everywhere

Wisdom – true, deep wisdom – seems to be scarce in these days of sound bytes and tweets, and wise knowledge cannot be ordered online and delivered at will.   It is necessary that we actively search – both externally and internally – for wisdom to help us understand today’s world and tomorrow’s dreams.

Wisdom can be found through many teachers.   We in the West are familiar with the idea of learning lessons from teachers and books (and, sometimes, experience), but we are not as familiar with indigenous and Eastern ideas of wisdom as coming from older sources – Nature, elders, meditation, our inner being.

Last night, I was reading Voices in the Stones: Life Lessons from the Native Way by Kent Nerburn, who writes what he learned during his years teaching in reservation schools:

In the Native way, nature not only offers principles that serve to instruct and illuminate right behavior; it contains actual teachings in the powers and presences of the land and all of creation that lives upon it.  … Each creature, each moment has a teaching to offer.  It is not a matter of spiritual discernment; it is a matter of mindful attention.

“Mindful attention” is necessary if we are to recognize and celebrate wisdom when it visits us.  Don’t disregard the message because the messenger may be unfamiliar to you.  If you read or hear or feel something that strikes your core with Truth, don’t ignore it – sit with it and observe all its aspects, bring it inside yourself and feel  yourself fill with Knowing.

As an admitted “puzzle fan” who loves to play with words and letters, I often find that jewels of wisdom hide in puzzles.   It is often frustrating that so many of these words of wisdom are without citation and with no credit given – are they quotations from famous persons, “lifted” without credit, or are they written by uncredited “puzzle clerks” with wisdom beyond their positions?   It is not known; however, I know that when I find such a gem, I stop and think about it and keep it handy for the future.     Here is a saying found recently in an uncredited cryptogram puzzle:

The only theme that resonates throughout the numerous popular life theories is love.  Love, in all its fragile forms, is the one powerful enduring force that brings real meaning to our everyday lives.

Thanks to Google, I discovered the author of this gem: Bradley Trevor Grieve, in his small book, The Meaning of Life.

Another favorite avenue of seeking wisdom is to sit amidst Nature.   Simply observing the lives of the birds and squirrels in our neighborhoods and opening to the wisdom of the trees can bring peace and understanding, as well as hope for the future.

Be open to those rays of wisdom and peace.   Knowledge does not only come with flashing lights and a fanfare – true, deep Knowing is a quiet presence and a feeling of infallible Truth….you know it when you feel it.   Be still and let it in…Peace will follow.


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