How can I change the world?

On a beautiful morning, as I sat on the deck, meditating and breathing in the beauty of Nature — the birds, the trees, the air — I was saddened by the idea that there is so much beauty in this world, but such hatred also.  For a moment, I wondered if I might be able to simply disregard the hatred and focus only on the beauty — only for a moment, though, as I realized that it is my role in this life to try to better the world, even if only in the small ways available to me.

How can I change the world?  Who am I to do so?

Who am I to say that my vision of Life and World and Love is the beacon that all should follow?

Perhaps it is not… but how can I make that decision for others?

Don’t I have, instead, the obligation to make sure that everyone has access to all options for their best life…and aren’t my thoughts and hopes, honed through restless hours of sleepless nights and dreamy garden mornings,  just as important as others’ thoughts, which might be forged in fires of activism and shouts of oratory?

Don’t I .. don’t we ALL…have the obligation to our fellows to seek a path, to shine a light, to  offer a CHOICE?

I am a hollow bone, a hollow reed, a path, a clearing in the forest…any ideas or dreams that come through me are born in the stars…

Who am I to deny manifestation to the dreams that come through me?

When I speak, whether I shout or whisper, it is not my voice, but the voice of Spirit, seeking manifestation through me — and through others — and I cannot deny them. Those voices may come to many, in their dreams and in their mornings. Maybe they will give voice and maybe they will hold them close in silence.

I do not judge that silence — there is strength in silence also and power to change hearts by holding Energy.

For myself, it is my destiny, my gift, to speak aloud the voices I hear in my dreams. Those who hear may heed or not, but — no matter.

I have given voice to the Voiceless and, thereby, I fulfill the silent dream.


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