The purpose of the “Balance Beams” blog is to help others find the points of Balance in this life…to begin to understand the ways we can look at situations through the Greatest Degree of Love and see where there are areas of agreement in the midst of confusion and loud voices.  In pursuit of that goal, I share some beautiful words written by Rev. Michelle Restaino. I urge you to read her words and ponder them and see the Truth that lies within them.

With respect, every veteran fought for a flag that is a representation of all people in this country having equal rights and equal treatment and the freedom to live comfortably and without fear for their lives because of the color of their skin, gender, religion, etc. If that’s not happening today, then we are dishonouring every single person who fought for those rights and we’re disgracing the flag by our very choice to turn a blind eye and let these kinds of atrocities occur. And what better place to make the statement about the hypocrisy of it all than at national sporting events during which the eyes of so many Americans would be watching. We love our sports and we want to be happy while we’re watching them, so I get that people are upset and just want to enjoy their sports and not think about social injustice and politics, but really? Is that the kind of people we want to be… Just leave us be and let us have our fun and don’t make us look at the things that are uncomfortable to look at? I don’t believe that about any of us. I believe that we can all join together and shift the tide to ensure that all people are treated equally and that our flag does indeed represent that in every area of life in this country and that none of the veterans fought or died in vain. This to me is the way to honor all the sacrifices they made. To make sure as many aspects of this country as possible are representative of all the things and standards we hold dear. It’s not good enough that it’s an idea, let’s make it a reality. And then we can all stand strong together again with our hands on our hearts while listening to The Anthem or saying the Pledge.

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