An open letter….


This is an open letter to all those wise women who have fought and lost but fight again.  It is an open letter to Hillary Rodham Clinton, but it’s also to all my sisters who still believe in truth and goodness.

When I saw the Facebook post of the article in the Chicago Tribune about how Hillary helped with travel arrangements for immigrants reuniting with their children, I immediately reposted it, adding:

“It takes a village” as a famous woman wrote — and this woman could be a village all by herself.  Hillary, it’s your time to “re-invent” yourself (much as Al Gore did after his election was stolen) ….make a difference, girl!

And, so, to Hillary, I say….

Dear Hillary:

I commiserate with you on your loss – and I remain shocked at how it happened – that it happened – and the results.  It is and remains horrendous – but you are too important to let it mark the end of your public life.  As I mentioned in my comments to the foregoing post, I hope to see you re-invent “how” you affect the world – because you will continue to affect the world.  That is your true destiny – to make a difference.

There are many ways to have an effect and not all of them are political or through a position in government.  Al Gore’s response to his stolen election is only one example.  You are in a unique and favored position to make your difference through compassion rather than statecraft.  You are known throughout the world and you are admired throughout the world.  I and many others will stand beside you as you forge that new path.  It makes no difference at this point “what happened” or how – it matters only that what happened does not mark the end of involvement and that you move ahead to affect the future.  Whether you work through the Clinton Foundation or through a new organization doesn’t matter either. What matters is that you use your personal power – perhaps to counter what Trump is destroying or perhaps to strike out in a new direction. It only matters that you do it – we need you.

I graduated law school within a year or so of your law school graduation.  I remember the lies and hatred I faced, the men who ignored everything I said and then preceded to repeat my ideas as their own,  the older women who I expected to support me but who hated that I did what they had not and so hated me for that.  Knowing what I faced, as a minor attorney in transactional real estate in the middle of the country, I cannot imagine what you faced, in your arena.

You did face it, though, the lies, the hatred, the discrimination – the people who will believe lies about a woman but won’t believe the truth about a man.   The only way they “win” is if you give up trying to make this a better world.

And, to all our sisters, I say:

Dear Sisters:

You have the power – as do we all, working together – to, indeed, make this world a better place.  It’s not the medium we use – it is the power we use.

A friend recently reminded me that we came here to achieve something – that we came to this Earth plane for a reason – and I agree.  There is a destiny to fulfill.

And, so, I say to you, to Hillary, and to all our sisters who have struggled, have fought the good fight (and perhaps lost a few rounds) but who are still standing and proud….NEVER GIVE UP – the world needs us and our strength.

Your sister,


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