I heard this statement made by someone on television recently (I believe it was a contestant on a game show, but I can’t remember, so I am unable to give proper credit …. sorry!)    The entire statement was to the effect that the goal of Life is to “live positive and test negative.”   I love this!   It carries so much wisdom in a few words: it’s all about balance, about living with humor and grace.

Balance isn’t just an important aspect of Life – it is the most important aspect – it’s CRUCIAL!  Balance in society and balance in all things is critical for peace.

Balance is crucial to mental and physical health and peace and an important part of balance is good humor.  “Good humor” means to be easy in your life, to be able to view your own life and thoughts with grace and good will, as you also view others with grace and good will.  “Good humor” does not “joke” at another’s expense, but it also does not deprecate your own actions.  Be proud of what you do and say…but don’t take your actions and words so seriously that you will lose friends over a political argument.   (This is not easy today, especially for those of us in families that are split politically, but it is extremely necessary.   No political argument is worth a broken family.   To be able to hold your position on a moral point without insulting a loved one is, admittedly, hard, but it can be done.)

I often point to the wisdom to be found in unexpected places – like word games.   Again, it is usually not possible to attribute a quotation to a particular person under such circumstances.  This is one that I found in Cryptograms, Vol 132,  by PennyPress:  “Both optimism and pessimism contribute to society. The optimist invents the airplane and the pessimist invents the parachute.”   Humor with wisdom – a combination which we should all hope to achieve.

How do we find balance and joy in today’s world?   Concentrate on the small things, like moving photos from your phone to your computer, without losing anything, while you get to relive moments of previous joy….even pulling tissue out of the box without tearing it can be a cause for small celebration.   Concentrate on those small joys and accomplishments.

Most of us will never have the opportunity to save a life, let alone save the world but you can save an entire day from despair.

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