What IS “American culture?”

Most people think it’s blue jeans and message T-shirts…while it is true that the US has been in the forefront of relaxed comfort and outspoken ideas, there’s more involved.

From the very beginning of the “European settlement” phase of history, the main idea espoused was individuality and a desire to grow in a new direction.  Those tendencies are rooted in fearlessness, a special form of courage where the risks are unknown but undertakings that serve a sense of fearlessness are an important facet for early arrivals – and also for the immigrants of the 21st Century.

Another trait common to those who live in the US is a faith in ourselves and a faith in each other.

Such inward and outward faith is expressed as Hope for the Future.  Without that hope, rooted in individual and communal faith, no one would be able to travel to unknown lands to live amongst strangers, to believe in a better tomorrow.

The foundation of the fearlessness, the faith and the hope is love of freedom and a deeply-felt belief that freedom is our right, our birthright – AND the birthright of ALL people, whether they live here or in other lands.

That belief went with US soldiers in WWII and helped to form our concept of universal peace.   That belief is still alive today, although fewer and fewer Americans seem to believe in it.

In order to protect our freedoms, we MUST protect the freedom of others.   If not, we all lose.


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