Peace and Love

The lyrics of the song are well-known: “I breathe in Peace; I breathe out Love”

While I have no real problem with that idea, I need to ask, instead: why can we not breathe IN Love and breathe OUT Love?  If we do that, Peace will come automatically.

We would benefit from thinking about Love as something that we breathe  –  not as something that is a “by-product” of Peace.  Indeed, Peace is a by-product of Love – not the other way around.  When we think of Love as something that is dependent upon something else, we lose the essence of Love – that it should be the foundation of everything: every feeling, every emotion, every action.   How can Peace be promoted as the source of Love when Love is the Source of All?

This Love that is the Foundation of All is the “universal” concept of Love.   Most languages (other than English) have many words for Love.  Contemporary Greek has 8 words for love (from the familiar eros or passionate love, to agape, or universal love; Sanskrit has 96 words for love.  English has only one word, which may seem paltry, but we perhaps we should consider that the English word “love” means the universal love (what Greek terms agape) and that all other love derives from that universal Love.

Peace is an outgrowth of Love.   One cannot hold Peace unless one first holds Love.   Love, as a foundation, is why we would wish Peace for all.   Could any other emotion be the foundation for Peace than Love?

Peace cannot be based on Fear – Fear brings forth unease.

Peace cannot be based on Hatred – Hatred brings forth violence.

Peace cannot be based on Selfishness – Selfishness brings forth strife.

Peace cannot be based on Ego – Ego brings forth conflict.

Peace can only be based on Love, for only Love brings forth the desire for all beings to be happy.



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