Earlier, my husband, Rev. Gregory L. McCoy, wrote a piece for the Heartland Chapter of the Alliance of Divine Love (see www.HeartlandADL.org) and it started such an avalanche of ideas in my head that I want to “spring” from his words into my own.   He says that “we are shifting into a ‘new Renaissance’ and we are called to once again realize our gifts of our own Superconscious” – and that is so right.   The current pandemic is our chance for change and can be a blessing if we view it that way.

We have an opportunity to usher in a new paradigm in the wake of this pandemic.  The paradigm established 2000 years ago was based on concentration: a concentration of belief (in monotheism) and a concentration of power and authority, in both religion and government.  Since both political and religious power were concentrated in a few authority figures, there was no consideration for power in either political or religious thought to be held by the masses or by the individual.

Distinguished from that paradigm is the new paradigm of today – the shift is away from a paradigm of a concentration of power to a paradigm of individual power, both politically and spiritually.    We can define this paradigm shift as being a “decentralization” – from a concentration to power to power based upon individual responsible actions.

We see this shift from the Paradigm of Concentration to the Paradigm of Responsible Action today in the call for social distancing because of the coronavirus pandemic. Only individual responsibility exhibited by individuals, regardless of “stay-at-home” orders or “reopening” orders – can have any effect on the ability of whole societies to recover from the threat of coronavirus.   By deciding on a course of Responsible Action, individuals in our society have control over the course of this disease.   It is individual action that will determine whether small businesses survive; corporate action will maintain only large businesses.    We celebrate the heroism evident in the actions and decisions of individuals to self-isolate or to use their limited time “outside” in service to others, as opposed to non-individualized rallies, which (while certainly protected as free speech) depends upon a “concentration of power” in political groupings.

We have seen that just a few weeks of reduced travel and industry have awakened portions of the Earth from bondage to industry – and, as individuals, we realize that we can do better in the future, to assure the survival of the Earth.

The Heartland Alliance of Divine Love has posted several Affirmations for a Pandemic on our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/HeartlandADL), including this one:  We pray that everyone will take to heart the lessons of this special time “apart” — for, if we do not, what was the point?

Indeed, what is the point if we do not use this time as a lesson for humanity, a lesson for the future – a path toward a new paradigm?



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